Saturday, January 9, 2016

Weekend Edition (Days 12 & 13) of our 40 Day Fast and Focus- SOOTHING SILENCE!

Silence is better than meaningless words.

Silence is soothing. Yet, it is the one thing we avoid more than anything. We seem to need noise in this noisy world, either we create it by talking or "turn it on" somehow with music, television and social media. A few years ago with the popularity of the movie "Eat, Pray, Love" I began a ritual of  leaving enough space in my day to enjoy the space between the commotions. I will completely silence everything that is normally noisy (no music, tv, or conversations with nothing), and am amazed at how much noise really goes on inside of me. I now crave complete silence and regularly practice times of no noise for entire weekends. Learn the deep wisdom of silence. It will astound you the peace and tranquility silence brings to your world.

APPLICATION: The Quieter, The Better.

1. Practice silence with yourself daily. The quieter you are the more you can actually hear. Self talk is very important to listen to. Do you know what you say about and to your self about yourself? What do you say to yourself about what is going on in your life, about who's in your life? We are constantly collecting outside data, hearing and assimilating stories about what it means to live a good life, change and improve ourselves. What we fail to realize and accept is that we have to practice hearing the voice of God to hone in on what is true, not just facts. I have learned God rarely shouts over my noisiness. He doesn't have to. He's God all by Himself. In my life He usually shows up disguised as normal everyday events in ourselves, not the neon sign, hand scroll writing in the sky miracles we seek. Learn that getting quiet will allow you to really hear.

2. Practice silence with others.  We all feel better when we're listened to. Do you know that as high as 90% of behavior problems with children are said to be because they feel no one hears them?  Do you know of any relationship in your life that wouldn't dramatically improve if we each learned to listen to one another better? Real communication is being understood, not just being able to string words together. Communication is a challenge for everyone,  but instead of getting frustrated over it, it is better to understand that we all have a different style of speaking, listening, and understanding. Allowing for others to speak their truth while you in complete silence listen for what is being said as well as what is being meant by what is said provides intimacy and quality many relationships lack. Do not listen to others merely to make your response. Whenever someone is speaking to you learn to be completely quiet and focused on them and what they're saying.

Beloved, I am praying with and for you.

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