Friday, January 14, 2011

Watering a Dry Life

Is. 58:11- The Lord will guide you continually, watering your life when you are dry and keeping you healthy too. You will be like a well-watered garden like an ever flowing spring. (NLT)

Some of us take better care of a plant we want to grow than we do our own bodies/lives. We will read the plant's instructions so that we pot it in the right soil, making sure it gets the right sunlight, prune the dead, decaying stuff off of it, keep it free from pests, feed it food and water it diligently. Not so with our very lives---that we will live unintentionally and inauthentic, taking any hardship as an evil thing to avoid like a plague (ease/comfort/entertainment is all we want thank you very much), we don't get rid of a thing, taking on one more possession to maintain, things we know we should say no to we can't because we feel like one more thing will make us FEEL HAPPY, working dead end jobs for a paycheck (too lazy and fearful to seek out purpose, refusing to believe doing what you are gifted at/with love/helping others= money will come), calling a relationship that time spent with someone who only causes us pain and we've invested nothing in trying to learn to love them or leave them, we eat conveniently which usually means fast food--something that is manufactured-not even close to real fruits, vegetables, lean meats and water our bodies crave and deserve, we don't exercise (who has the time), we live in filth/disorganized surroundings that we dread looking at as it screams to be cleaned or we become so comfortable with it we ignore it and don't notice its drag on our psyche... then we slide into bed at the end of a long day if we can fall asleep without aid to do it all again the next run-on day. Does living like this sound at all familiar to you?

You can exist as described for long periods of time until a crisis shakes you out of the monotony OR you decide to stop living your life like this and DO LIFE BETTER and BLOOM WHERE YOU'RE PLANTED. You can you know! Want to water your dry life? It starts with honesty and its at first an inside job. Only working on the outside things are like putting bandaid on cancer. First deal with the foundation of your life.  Decide to submit your life to God. That's first/foremost. Begin to make time to study spiritual things and realize you're not just a body coasting through life. You have a spirit and its going to spend somewhere eternally, this time here on earth is temporary. Death is a 100%. We all leave and how do you want to spend eternity? Figure that out FIRST.

Secondly, what is in your life that needs better care, what's in your life that needs pruning and throwing away? This can apply to people, possessions, places you go, habits you have, ways you think/talk---tell yourself the truth not just what you want to hear or want to think...self examination is tough stuff but worth it. Desire truth, and pray for it asking God to examine you (Psalms 26:2) and show you the real so you can cooperate with Him and fix your life for the better. This act is needed  especially if you're dishonest in any area of your life, unless you're pathological you know where you're dishonest with yourself and others...this is a draining, drying way of living. A well-watered life requires TRUTH in every area. Ask for it. God will give it, trust me and then respond with right and truth. It will be so worth it to sober up to authentic, truthful living. To be who you really are, unashamed and real. Lying or living a lie is like being drunk...its deceptive and you're too full of it to know what you're really doing and who you really are in this state. Getting sober about living your life isn't simple but its easy once you make up your mind to do it.

 Dearworthy, you have to decide you want to live your life to the fullest and then manage this decision daily. It won't just happen no matter how much you wish for it to, it will require intention (deciding what's important to you); action (easy isn't necessarily right, be willing to do the tough stuff of a disciplined life) and then leave room for the sun (fun and unexpected blessings that may be in disguise). I'm praying with and for you!

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