Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Day 9 of our 40 Day Fast and Focus- THE RIGHT I AM'S!

If asked, what would you say about yourself? What are your "I AM's?"
 My Pastor Joel Osteen says, "what follows your I am will follow you," I truly believe that and spend quality time daily telling myself the right I AM's.

Application:  THE RIGHT I AM'S

1. Gain Self Awareness, which is a conscious knowledge of your own character, feelings, motives, and desires. Many of us are defined by our past successes or failures and what someone else has told us about our self.  We then behave and live up to or down to how others have described us. Let God daily be your sole definition of yourself. Love yourself enough to see all facets of you in light of God's love and care for you. Let go of all shame, guilt and/or past behaviors that did not benefit you or those you love. Complete your past today. It's over. That's what you did then. Do something differently this day that your future self will love you for. Finally shut the door and bury what was. Stop all thinking and speaking of back then. You're not who you were yesterday unless you choose to stay there. Today is a blank canvas to paint yourself beautiful if you so choose to.

2. Spend Time Daily speaking  and writing blessings over yourself and your life. There is so much power in writing and speaking truth! I post notes to myself and spend time daily speaking these things and securing these words of affirmation and encouragement in my heart and mind. Below is a list from Joyce Meyer I've used for years. I speak and think these words alone as a definition of who I am and who I will continue to be. No thing and no one can impact what God says about me and what I say about myself.

Beloved, I am praying with and for you.


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