Monday, October 11, 2010

Squinting in Mountain Top Sunlight

Duet. 34:1-Then Moses climbed Mount Nebo from the plains of Moab to the top of Pisgah, across from Jericho. There the LORD showed him the whole land--from Gilead to Dan,

Luke 6:12-One day soon afterward Jesus went up on a mountain to pray, and he prayed to God all night

Have you ever turned on a light in pitch blackness and had it hurt your eyes so that they began to tear up? Did you blink and blink so as to get your eyes to adjust to the light that chased away the darkness? Do you, like me, love the sunlight peeking through the clouds after a storm (as a Kansas born girl trust me I know storms). Being in darkness so long, have you longed to see lights beauty, its intensity and brightness so vivid it'll make you shade your eyes and squint to keep from taking in all the sunlight at once? Beloved, that's exactly how I write this blog today.

Mountains and climbing are great examples for life and its many tribulations. Hands and feet are necessary for climbing and they're symbolic in this spiritual teaching. If you're climbing and you're weary may I share something I've learned that may encourage you? They're not easy but will make you a better climber sure to reach the top. Jesus frequently climbed to a mountainside when praying and meditating. Your hands represent what you hold on to and your feet represent where you go--- where you place your self. In times of storm and climbing up the rough side of the mountain simplify and prioritize. Empty your hands and watch where you settle down during your climb. You can't climb loaded down and you're going to need your hands and feet properly placed for sure climbing. I've learned to empty my hands and trust God to fill them. Let go of what you're holding on to...things, people, memories, un-forgiveness, despair, lack of hope...whatever it is let it go! Give it to God. Tell Him you don't want it anymore and He can take it. Holding on to things/people/situations too long is man's perilous behavior. Look around and you will see people parked on a mountain they were supposed to climb. If you don't cooperate with God He will let you have your will/way.  Its never good if God has to pry your hands loose from something, He can and you won't like it. God is thorough, both predictable by His word and unpredictable in His sovereignty. Depending on your need---He will do what's best for you if He sees in your heart a need for prying away of things... you will let loose or wish you had of. Easier just to lay it on the alter in the first place. Trust me! Obey and surrender. Take care where you go and who you go with during your storm. Most people neglect this very important behavior. Jesus was our example and separated Himself from people and only had those assigned to Him around when He was on the mountain. Everyone can't go with you where you're going and that's hard to take. Don't run all over looking for comfort either telling everyone about your troubles. Few have the stomach to really be there for you and sacrifice for your neediness and all you're doing is feeding them food for gossip. People will either add or subtract. Be on alert for the "lookie-lou's" too, only hanging around to see what may go down with you. Pay them no mind and do your best to silence their noise in your ears. You need to listen carefully for God's instructions on what to do and how to do it. You can't do that listening to naysayers and negative influences.

I'm on a mountain top after a year and a half of acute and severe testing of my faith. Up on this mountain top I am squinting in the Son's light--- and its marvelous up But oh the ragged climb up has been arduous, discouraging, humbling and tortuous. At times, I didn't think I would make it. But make it I did! May I encourage you today? You will too. If you're climbing, keep at it until your feet touch sod at the top. If you're up there with me now, bask a minute and praise God for His goodness...mountain top experiences are fleeting and absolutely no where for comfort but do take a respite and enjoy the view (and prepare for the drop kick off the side that life is sure to deliver soon, its just life huh? In a storm, coming out of one or about to go in yet another one...sigh). I am praying with and for you!

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