Monday, January 4, 2016

Day 7 of our 40 Day Fast and Focus- BREAK YOUR OWN EGG

Beloved, begin within. Don't look to be built up and sustained from outside happenings or happiness. Quit allowing people, situations and circumstances to determine the level of your happiness and productivity.  Pour life, encouragement and inspiration into yourself! Let God pour His love and acceptance into you. He is faithful and you are accepted. Receive it and walk in it.

1. BE, there is no try. My Dad always said "stay soldier ready and you won't have to get ready." I finally learned the meaning of that statement went way beyond preparedness. BE a soldier and you won't need someone to make a soldier out of you. God never tells us to try anything He always says BE. So...BE and do whatever it takes to BE so if you have to do it alone, by yourself you are able.

2. ENCOURAGE YOURSELF.  Do you know what inspires you and makes you happy? What lights your match and burns your flame? If you do, then do more of that daily, hourly, or minute to minute if needed. If not, learn today what builds you up and gets you moving. I need prayer, worship, reading the word and a hug from my husband and the world is alright no matter what the day may bring. I get strength from all of those things, which keeps me ten toes in my square and lit all day. What does that for you? Make a list and then plan to incorporate it daily, especially first thing in the morning. That tends to set the course for your entire day.

Beloved, I am praying with and for you.

Resources to help:
1. This series changed my life in many ways in 2011!
2. One of the most important Books I've ever read:
3. The second most important book I've ever read & principle of first that I live by:

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