Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Day 22 of our 40 Day Fast & Focus--"POSITIVE PERSPECTIVES"

“Your outlook on life is a direct reflection on how much you like yourself.” 

What is your perspective in life?

Perspective is the ability to stand back and see a situation in a wider context---the concepts and ideas that we use in our thinking and that inform our lives. If we have a wrong or flawed perspective being happy is extremely difficult. Sometimes it takes getting farther away from something to see it for what it really is. No one is always and forever anything. We all are former somethings. Not one person on this planet has a perfect life with no problems. The stark difference in satisfaction, fulfillment and living a quality life  all lies in how you chose to handle problems and how positive a perspective you choose to experience during this one life you have to live.

Application: SEE CLEARLY

1. Worrying is blurrying. Problems and negativity are sure to arise arise when we narrow our perspective and our mindset to one point of view. Especially if our thinking is "this always or every time this or that happens to me" type of thinking. Worry is exactly this type of thinking and needs to be avoided at all costs. Stop yourself from focusing on whatever may be going wrong and change your focus to what's going right. No matter what the situation is worrying about it will not improve or change it in any way. Instead, think about the situation and at least 3 good things that could arise from it. That is an immediate positive change that clears up a negative, blurry perspective.

2. Reactions and Mindset.  Seeking to control, manage other people and how they see or feel about you is futile. Work on your own reactions and mindset because you can never and will never control another! No two people see things the same, not even identical twins. We are born with our own unique ability to see, think, feel and believe. God Himself does not force us to see, feel and think His way, despite having the ability to do so. That's why I never want to close my mind to another's point of view until I hear it out and then weigh it against my own closely held beliefs and values. I am much happier in my life and interpersonal relationships now that I do this. I have learned I have control over me, and that I do best to respond, not react and keep a positive mindset no matter my circumstances. I see problems as challenges to be solved despite how tangled and twisted they may be. I master me and am perfectly ok with people being the masters of their own selves too.

Beloved, I am praying with and for you.

Resources to help:

1. Memorize and recite daily this scripture:  Matthew 6:25-34
2. http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-15597/12-steps-to-stay-positive-in-a-negative-world.html
3. http://www.thehappinessfactor.com/

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