Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Excel in the Grace of Giving

2 Cor. 8:7- But just as you excel in everything—in faith, in speech, in knowledge, in complete earnestness and in your love for usa—see that you also excel in this grace of giving.

Beloved, why do you give?

Really giving has been a heart/mind set for me for the last year. During a time of great lack in my life I questioned God why. He began to show me my motivation and heart was in getting and being protected when I gave. I wanted Him to bless me and I gave out of fear and compulsion. I didn't want to be used so when I gave to others I had an eye on what they would do with what I gave and how they might use it.  I also gave so that I could be "seen as a giver," with no grace what so ever added to my giving (grace is unmerited or undeserved favor). That is the honest truth and the reality is, that I was never giving with a clear heart and mind. I gave to get, which is what I believe, if we're completely honest with ourselves most of us do this type of giving. God is not pleased or served in this type of giving and perhaps that is the reason so many of us Believers live in lack? I don't know. But, I determined to fix my own heart before God. Besides being ashamed of myself, I completely understood why the lack I so greatly despised was front and center in my own life and I determined to get over and out of it. I'm now living on my giving. When I give anything at all I pray over it to release it fully with no thought of return because I TRUST God with it. Return is not my responsibility at all, its God's and He is ever faithful. I can't out give Him! I see my giving just like putting a seed in the ground. Digging it up and looking it over in concern for its growth kills the seed and stunts it from doing what it has to be put in the ground and left alone to do! As I gave to people I truly prayed for them, and the person to do God's will with it. Many of us miss our blessings and entertaining angels unaware by not being led of God to give to people no matter the package they come in. I stopped wanting my giving to be neat, tidy, accounted for and seen by men. That's not a spooky spiritual thing either...we never know what helping someone out will do for them along the way and getting someone to do what we want with what we give them shouldn't be our motivation...getting someone to do what GOD wants them to do with what we give should be our heart attitude or simply don't give. Trust me, when you give like this amazing things will begin to happen. Opportunities to give that are divine and directed will present themselves to you and you won't give out of pride, obligation or compulsion or fear. You will just give and experience such joy! Yes, I still struggle with selfish pride and giving to get but at least now I'm aware and conscious of my motivation in giving. Now, I want to excel in the grace of giving first and foremost and I truly want to help others. I want them to be blessed and experience a full and rich life and I am willing to let God use me as He sees fit. I don't mind being used because I always know what I'm being used for...the grace of giving!

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