Monday, April 26, 2010

Pain's Path

Pain is cutting a swathing path through hearts today. We hurt and deny that hurt. We assume revealing that we hurt is showing weakness that makes us more vulnerable so we lock it down pretending strength and inwardly screaming in quiet desperation. I agree, you can't go around spilling your pain on everyone. Not everyone is equipped to care for you. Not everyone cares for you! But, there is rarely a person God has not assigned another human being to help you along pain's path. This person is usually someone who can comfort you as they've been comforted because they've been there (2 Cor. 7:7) and can identify despite not exactly knowing your pain because pain truly is relevant--yours is yours and mine is mine, we are intimately acquainted with our own sources of discomfort and pain-- we don't necessarily nor always can we understand it but we do have to accept it. God knows we hurt. He knows we get the life knocked out of us and He knows it because He's been there too! Beloved, today, be a noticer. Take the time to hear someone else out or even do the hard thing and ASK, "are you okay?" and then don't just quote scriptures and pray...let them talk and don't be afraid to suggest they see a mental health professional or take them to your Pastor and make sure they're not alone in despair. 

1 Peter 5:7- “Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you.”

Let it out to
Let it go
Our misery
Is not a comfort coat
To wear
Wrapped around us
Like there’s nothing under there
To soothe,
To heal
To open up and reveal
Where in the hell
Did we learn that
Pain is something we have to hide?
Our plastered smile
“Doing fine!”
Faking free
All the while our life
Is divided
we’re held
In captivity
Beloved pain spilled out is conquered, halve
Shattered in pieces
Conquered, unearthed
Reshaped into pieces
Of acceptance
not complacent
Finally a possibility of

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